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You think your trifling deeds are of no import; however, they are a building block to your tomorrow.  It is not what you are this minute, but what you are every minute that builds your essence for eternity.   Letter From the Divine Book One


Welcome to Spiritual Notes.  This is a website that is dedicated to automatic writing.  Automatic writing happens when a person becomes a tool in the physical world for a source that resides in the spiritual world.  A pen is put to a blank piece of paper and a Voiceless Voice begins dictating spiritual notes or messages.  This spiritual entity may be one's guides, the Virgin Mary, one of the Saints, or an archangel, just to name a few.  Some of the most famous published automatic writings would be Helen Schucman's "The Course in Miracles" series and Neale Donald Walsch's "Conversation with God" series.  It is possible for one person to receive automatic writing from multiple sources.  There are many that claim to be receiving a form of automatic writing.  However, if the source is not crediting Love as the highest universal law (even for the Divine), the source of the dictation should be suspect.  You will find a welcome home of exploration of spiritual messages at this site.  Please use the Contact Us page to provide suggestions for the newsletter and also sign up for our email list.  Free access is provided to the author's automatic writings under the books tab.  Come and be welcome.


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While the reading material on this site is currently provided at no charge, the materials have been copyrighted and remain under exclusive control of Sharon Stone.  The purpose of this is  to protect the integrety of the material as it was dictated to me through automatic writing.  There are additional works that have not yet been posted.  If you are interested in additional materials, please go to the contact us segment of the website and email us.